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Ok, if you want to promote your communities, do it here, and here only. Any promotions in the Friends Only post WILL be deleted. I just have a couple rules

*Do not promote if you do not think I have a chance of getting in.
*Do not promote dead/dying communities. (New communites with not that many members are ok.)
*Do not post anonymously. I won't hate you or mark it as spam.
*Do not promote communities I am already in. (Look in my userinfo to find out.)


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ok guys. ive finally decided to make my journal friends only. comment if you want to be on my friends list so you can continue reading. let me know if your from one of my communities too and ill probably add you! i didnt delete any of my other friends so if you were on my list before you still are. thanks to lifeasjaneane for the FO Banner! DO NOT PROMOTE HERE! PROMOTE IN THE ABOVE POST! KTHXBYE! :)

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hey guys. so yeah im home sick today. not fun. i spent pretty much the WHOLE time on LJ. i got accepted into some communities. i shall promo them soon. im too lazy to go find the banner. im working on getting a new layout. its gunna be totally different than this one. so look out for that.

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i dont think i have posted this yet, i know i told you guys i would post a picture of me in my "tina fey glasses" so here it is!

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hey guys. so, so far this weekend has been pretty cool. friday night i went to the mall with liz, jessica, morgan, and matt, and then we met A LOT more people there. then we all went to see "In Good Company". It was pretty good. I liked it. It was kinda long though.... anyway, then we went home. yesterday i had a basketball game and jessica came with me. we played kathwood, which is the team carey plays on. i started at center. it was a pretty good game, but we won. lol the final score was somethin like 22-29. 4-0 BIOTCH!!! lol then after the game we picked up liz and went to columbiana mall. it was liz's first time going there sence she was like..2. haha matt met us there and we all hung out for a while. after that we all came back to my house and just hung out. liz left around 6:30-ish and then me and jessica went to see elektra with matt and mac. fun times. it was pretty good. even though it scared the crap out of me and jessica. lol! then today i woke up around 10 and watch last night's SNL! THE KILLERS ROCKED!!!!! ahhhhhh *^$%@#(@&*^$ it was so good. lol brandon flowers is HOTTTTT. then me, liz, and jessica went to woodhill mall, which is realy more of a shopping center than a mall. liz's brother cal came to panera with us and then us 3 walked over to target. we walked around there for a while and then we went to peir 1. me and jessica got some tea light candles. the ones the float in water. i used my employee family member discount card thingie sence my dad and stepmom both manage a pier 1. :) then we went to bed bath and beyond, and finally, world market. the we all went home. annnnnnnd thats where i am know!! man im reallllly bored and hungry, so im gunna go find some food and ill write again later or tomorrow!
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hey guys! so today was a boring day. it was history day (for those of u who dont know what that is, its like science fair w/ a history topic) so i went to take my display board into the auditorium and i realized i forgot annotated bibliography and process paper!!!! i FREAKED OUT!!! and to make it even worse the judging was starting @ 9 and it was 8:45!!!! ahhh! to make a long story short i called dustin @ home and got him to print em off the computer and run em to me. my teacher wasnt there for the first part of frist block so we just sat around. then in drama we hung out in ms gottliebs room cuz mr cook was teachin the other class stage combat, but ms gottlieb wasnt there. we screwed around with her puppet thingies. haha it was pretty funny. then i went to algebra and had a BIG SCARY TEST that everyone said was hard, but i honestly didnt think it was. the cool thing about test days is that we get easy-ass homework that day. lol like its adding decimals and fractions and crap. lol like, 4th grade stuff. so then i sat outside with my friends and lunch and that was pretty fun. last block was boring. like it is every day. afterschool i was supposed to have drama rehearsal for the play but it was canceled, so i was supposed to go to the basketball game to cheer for it but i didnt. lol i was too lazy. so then i blew off student council too. haha but it felt good to acually come home at regular time today, insted of like, 6. or on days we have games, 8:30. i honestly dont know what else to say, so here are some pictures for you kids. lol

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hey guys! guess what? it saturday! how aweasome is that. but its not quite as exciting when you have a nation history day thing due next week. i pretty much have to make a display board, like you do for science fair, but for a history topic. my topic is protest songs of the 1960's :) so im probably gunna run to staples to get some supplies for it as soon as dustin gets home.

haha right now im watchin a for love or money marathon on vh1. watchin these girls throw themselves at this guy for a million dollars is kinda funny. aw man i love vh1. i could watch it for hours straight. well, haha i guess i kinda do...


[the alphabet survey]

Created by thetoasternetwork and taken 9135 times on bzoink!

Act your agedepends. when im with my friends i go a little crazy sometimes. when im with my family or at school or w/e i sometimes i act older than i am
Born on what day of the weekumm wednesday i think
Chore you hatefolding clothes/puttin them away
Dad's namejeffrey. he goes by jeff
Essentail make-up itemeyeliner/lip gloss
Favorite actors/actressesjimmy fallon, will ferrell, katew hudson, reese witherspoon, jude law
Gold or sliversilver
Hometowni live in columbia, sc. but i was born in tampa, fl
Instruments you playim learning the guitar
Job titlestudent????
Living arrangementswith my mom, sister, and stepdad
Mom's namejennifer. goes by jenni
Number of socks you owndude. u expect me to count??
Overnight hospital staysumm one i think. when i broke my wrist
Phobiaim kinda clostrophobic
Quote you likeomg sooooo many....most from SNL. lol
Religious affiliationchiristan. baptist to be exact. lol
Siblings3 half siblings. jack, kara, and ali
Time you woke up today10:30 i think. pretty early
Unusual habitsbiting my nails? does that count?
Vicious thing you've doneoh god. lol probably the worst is talking bad about someone behind their back.
Worst habitbiting my nails
X-rays you've hadhahah. umm my wrist, my teeth, and my stomach when i was havin stomach problems.(theres probably 840750389570) more. lol
Your favorite seasonwinter
Zodiac signpisces

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howdy kids. ugh. school starts back tomorrow. it sucks butt. at least we didnt have to go back on a monday. (lol jessica, mundy) its probably gunna take me a while to get all my stuff togather for school tomorrow

crap i need to do:
~clean out my bookbag
~get new algebra notebook, take old one out
~add more notebook paper to binders
~get more pens and pencils cuz im tired for being a lazy ass bum and borrowing from people cuz i hate it when they borrow from me. haha
~bring tia and becca's christmas present
~find my school ID

anywhoooo, at least i have a crapload of cool new clothes to wear. :) tomorrow is supposed to be 72 frikin degrees. i think ill wear a skirt. haha. i wonder if we have cheerleading practice??? i shall find out...

i got new sunglasses yesterday! check em out:

ok im off to watch VH1 and get ready for tomorrow. talk to ya later!
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Jimmys 2004 song:

"We got Bush for 4 more years;
The blue states cried; the red states cheered;
Howard there's no need to shout;
Does she know her booby's out?

She doesn' the way....unbelievable

Bill Clinton's heart attack;
Oprah hands out Pontiacs;
Ron Artest does not play nice;
Kobe Bryant got off twiiiiice

Cause....*clears throat*

Which Gotti is hunkier?;
Which Bush daughter is drunkier?;
Which sister's sexier?;
Which has anorexiaaaaaaaa?

So loonnnng, to Sex and the City;
There's a hub cap hanging from Janet Jackson's tittyyyyy;
Britney got maaarried;
First Jason, then Kevin;
Rodney finally gets some respect;
in heaven

Why do people say my singing sucks?;
And It's not my fault it's it's ....

It's acid reflux

Happy *clears throat* happyyy

*takes out boom box and hits play and starts to lipsync*

So happy holidays from meee toooo YOUUU!!!!!!


watch it here:
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