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Jimmys 2004 song:

"We got Bush for 4 more years;
The blue states cried; the red states cheered;
Howard there's no need to shout;
Does she know her booby's out?

She doesn't...by the way....unbelievable

Bill Clinton's heart attack;
Oprah hands out Pontiacs;
Ron Artest does not play nice;
Kobe Bryant got off twiiiiice

Cause....*clears throat*

Which Gotti is hunkier?;
Which Bush daughter is drunkier?;
Which sister's sexier?;
Which has anorexiaaaaaaaa?

So loonnnng, to Sex and the City;
There's a hub cap hanging from Janet Jackson's tittyyyyy;
Britney got maaarried;
First Jason, then Kevin;
Rodney finally gets some respect;
in heaven

Why do people say my singing sucks?;
And It's not my fault it's it's ....

It's acid reflux

Happy *clears throat* happyyy

*takes out boom box and hits play and starts to lipsync*

So happy holidays from meee toooo YOUUU!!!!!!


watch it here: http://students.washington.edu/erinmw3/jim2004.wma

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