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howdy kids. ugh. school starts back tomorrow. it sucks butt. at least we didnt have to go back on a monday. (lol jessica, mundy) its probably gunna take me a while to get all my stuff togather for school tomorrow

crap i need to do:
~clean out my bookbag
~get new algebra notebook, take old one out
~add more notebook paper to binders
~get more pens and pencils cuz im tired for being a lazy ass bum and borrowing from people cuz i hate it when they borrow from me. haha
~bring tia and becca's christmas present
~find my school ID

anywhoooo, at least i have a crapload of cool new clothes to wear. :) tomorrow is supposed to be 72 frikin degrees. i think ill wear a skirt. haha. i wonder if we have cheerleading practice??? i shall find out...

i got new sunglasses yesterday! check em out: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v496/ktguen/sunglasses.jpg

ok im off to watch VH1 and get ready for tomorrow. talk to ya later!

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