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hey guys! guess what? it saturday! how aweasome is that. but its not quite as exciting when you have a nation history day thing due next week. i pretty much have to make a display board, like you do for science fair, but for a history topic. my topic is protest songs of the 1960's :) so im probably gunna run to staples to get some supplies for it as soon as dustin gets home.

haha right now im watchin a for love or money marathon on vh1. watchin these girls throw themselves at this guy for a million dollars is kinda funny. aw man i love vh1. i could watch it for hours straight. well, haha i guess i kinda do...


[the alphabet survey]

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Act your agedepends. when im with my friends i go a little crazy sometimes. when im with my family or at school or w/e i sometimes i act older than i am
Born on what day of the weekumm wednesday i think
Chore you hatefolding clothes/puttin them away
Dad's namejeffrey. he goes by jeff
Essentail make-up itemeyeliner/lip gloss
Favorite actors/actressesjimmy fallon, will ferrell, katew hudson, reese witherspoon, jude law
Gold or sliversilver
Hometowni live in columbia, sc. but i was born in tampa, fl
Instruments you playim learning the guitar
Job titlestudent????
Living arrangementswith my mom, sister, and stepdad
Mom's namejennifer. goes by jenni
Number of socks you owndude. u expect me to count??
Overnight hospital staysumm one i think. when i broke my wrist
Phobiaim kinda clostrophobic
Quote you likeomg sooooo many....most from SNL. lol
Religious affiliationchiristan. baptist to be exact. lol
Siblings3 half siblings. jack, kara, and ali
Time you woke up today10:30 i think. pretty early
Unusual habitsbiting my nails? does that count?
Vicious thing you've doneoh god. lol probably the worst is talking bad about someone behind their back.
Worst habitbiting my nails
X-rays you've hadhahah. umm my wrist, my teeth, and my stomach when i was havin stomach problems.(theres probably 840750389570) more. lol
Your favorite seasonwinter
Zodiac signpisces

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