fallonfan (fallonfan) wrote,

hey guys! so today was a boring day. it was history day (for those of u who dont know what that is, its like science fair w/ a history topic) so i went to take my display board into the auditorium and i realized i forgot annotated bibliography and process paper!!!! i FREAKED OUT!!! and to make it even worse the judging was starting @ 9 and it was 8:45!!!! ahhh! to make a long story short i called dustin @ home and got him to print em off the computer and run em to me. my teacher wasnt there for the first part of frist block so we just sat around. then in drama we hung out in ms gottliebs room cuz mr cook was teachin the other class stage combat, but ms gottlieb wasnt there. we screwed around with her puppet thingies. haha it was pretty funny. then i went to algebra and had a BIG SCARY TEST that everyone said was hard, but i honestly didnt think it was. the cool thing about test days is that we get easy-ass homework that day. lol like its adding decimals and fractions and crap. lol like, 4th grade stuff. so then i sat outside with my friends and lunch and that was pretty fun. last block was boring. like it is every day. afterschool i was supposed to have drama rehearsal for the play but it was canceled, so i was supposed to go to the basketball game to cheer for it but i didnt. lol i was too lazy. so then i blew off student council too. haha but it felt good to acually come home at regular time today, insted of like, 6. or on days we have games, 8:30. i honestly dont know what else to say, so here are some pictures for you kids. lol

sunglasses.jpgmy new sunglasses. hott. haha got em at target
rachaeljessicatiaannaliz.jpghaha funny picture. left to right: rachael, jessica, tia, anna, liz


left to right:me, valerie, rhett, mary myers, kathrine, annie, georgeann, jennifer


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