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hey guys. so, so far this weekend has been pretty cool. friday night i went to the mall with liz, jessica, morgan, and matt, and then we met A LOT more people there. then we all went to see "In Good Company". It was pretty good. I liked it. It was kinda long though.... anyway, then we went home. yesterday i had a basketball game and jessica came with me. we played kathwood, which is the team carey plays on. i started at center. it was a pretty good game, but we won. lol the final score was somethin like 22-29. 4-0 BIOTCH!!! lol then after the game we picked up liz and went to columbiana mall. it was liz's first time going there sence she was like..2. haha matt met us there and we all hung out for a while. after that we all came back to my house and just hung out. liz left around 6:30-ish and then me and jessica went to see elektra with matt and mac. fun times. it was pretty good. even though it scared the crap out of me and jessica. lol! then today i woke up around 10 and watch last night's SNL! THE KILLERS ROCKED!!!!! ahhhhhh *^$%@#(@&*^$ it was so good. lol brandon flowers is HOTTTTT. then me, liz, and jessica went to woodhill mall, which is realy more of a shopping center than a mall. liz's brother cal came to panera with us and then us 3 walked over to target. we walked around there for a while and then we went to peir 1. me and jessica got some tea light candles. the ones the float in water. i used my employee family member discount card thingie sence my dad and stepmom both manage a pier 1. :) then we went to bed bath and beyond, and finally, world market. the we all went home. annnnnnnd thats where i am know!! man im reallllly bored and hungry, so im gunna go find some food and ill write again later or tomorrow!

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